L&R Farms
Black Angus Beef Cattle
Est. in 1967 by H.G. Robinson


How We Raise Beef

Our pure bred Black Angus Beef is raised naturally and free of hormones and antibiotic's. Our feed is a corn and protein supplement mix. The cattle of the feed program also get small amounts of hay daily to help with digestion of the grain. Obviously they have water in front of them at all times but we mention that because water is the most important part of the feeding program.

Once the beef is taken to the processor, it is hung and aged for 12-14 days before it is cut. This allows the meat to cure and ensures great flavor. We make certain that all of our beef is cut as lean as possible at the processor to maintain good flavor and healthy eating.

Some have asked if our beef is organic. It is NOT organic. To have beef that is completely organic the cattle must be grass fed. The reason for this is because all corn is grown genetically and is not considered organic. If you are looking for organic grass fed beef be sure to ask the producer if they fertilize their hay and pasture fields because if they do it is not considered organic.

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