L&R Farms
Black Angus Beef Cattle
Est. in 1967 by H.G. Robinson


Bulk Sale Pricing

Bulk Sale:

This year price is $2.85 per hanging pound. We strive for a hanging weight between 700 and 750 lbs.

Beef can be purchased by the half or whole.

Note: We have decided to not sell by the quarter any longer because our processor will no longer split the quarters. This is because of the difference in customer cut requests when splitting the quarter cannot be accommodated equally.

Our beef is processed at Bower and Sons Meats in Millersport. They will custom cut the beef anyway you would like. All cuts are vacuum packed to your choice. Bower's charges .55 per pound for packing and has a $35 per half kill fee.

Price Example:
If you purchased a 1/2 of beef and it weighed 700 pounds, you would divide 700/2=350.
$2.85(Beef Price)+.55(Packing)=$3.40 per pound.
350lbsx$3.40=$1190+$35 (Kill Fee)=$1225.00 total

A very commonly asked question is "how much meat do I get back"?

The answer is never the same for each beef but our goal and typical yield rate is 60% to 65% . Again this is never exact and depends on each individual beef.

For example if you purchase a half of beef that weighs 350 hanging lbs you would get back 227.5 lbs of beef at 65%.

Something else to keep in mind is that if you choose to order boneless steaks such as bone-out ribeye, filet, or a boneless roast the weight amount you would get back will be less.

This is typical for any beef cattle but Black Angus tend to have less waste and better marbling than other breeds.

In case you are curious what the waste is, it consists of fat trim and bone.
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